Memoirs of a Doodle mom.

Dog mom, military wife, nursing student, Army veteran.

“Nothing burns like the cold. But only for a while. Then it gets inside you and starts to fill you up, and after a while you don’t have the strength to fight it.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

She wore green sweatpants and a navy sweatshirt.Her black socks were covered in mud. There was evidence she had crawled around on her hands and knees in the dirt. Maybe fell to her elbows.A bloodied face. It’s 29 degrees outside and I am not wearing gloves. My hands are so cold, the circulation isn’t moving […]

Generational trauma

I’m writing my story and sharing some extremely raw and vulnerable things about myself and my family because the cycle of abuse needs to stop. The next generation should not have to suffer because you are not willing to help yourself.

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